July 2014 Newsletter

The July 2014 Village newsletter is now available.  This issue features information on the new ARC workshops, a reminder about children driving golf carts, and details about the encroachment policy.

pdficon_large  July 2014 Newsletter

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SURVEY: Future of Coto Valley Club Area

The Village Working Group wants to hear your thoughts about features and benefits about the neighborhood that is most important to you.

In the July newsletter arriving this week homeowners will find a paper survey and self-addressed stamped envelope. If you would prefer to take the survey online, you can access it by clicking on the survey link. You only need to complete the survey once.

By way of background, the Village Working Group believes change is coming to the Coto Valley Club, known as CVCC. Silver Bronze Corporation owns the club property and the equestrian center. Stonefield Development owns the former tennis college and some courts. Both organizations are entertaining options that may result in the redevelopment of the club area. The future of CVCC is related to the discussions Silver Bronze is having with Oak Grove regarding the equestrian center.

By coming together and deciding what is most important to us as Village homeowners, we can better communicate our wants and desirers to potential developers. Our hope is that we can work toward a mutually beneficial plan.

Please take a moment to complete the brief survey by either filling out the paper survey and mailing it in to First Service Residential or completing the online survey. The input you provide will be used to shape a plan representing the Village’s point of view regarding any development or action plans being considered for the club.

Thank you!

Take the Survey

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Preliminary Architectural Meeting to be held June 12

Any homeowner considering submitting plans for the next Architectural Meeting are welcome to attend a preliminary architectural meeting on Saturday, July 12 from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. at Coto Valley Club.

Committee members will be on hand to provide homeowners with feedback and clarification to the architectural guidelines. No decisions  or approvals will be granted at this meeting. Homeowners will be able to run their thoughts and plans by a committee member and get direction on what else they may need to provide or do in order to get an easy and swift approval.

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Next Board Meeting – Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Join us for Wednesday’s board meeting.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Wednesday, July 9
6 p.m. for Open Session
7 p.m. for Homeowners Forum
Canyon Room, Coto Valley Club

Agendas to follow…..

July 2014 Open Session Agenda


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VWG: What Happened at July 2 Silver-Bronze Meeting

A special election meeting of Silver-Bronze Corporation members was  held on July 2 at the Coto Valley Club. Members were voting on three items, briefly described as:

  • Measure 1: removal of the current board of directors
  • Measure 2: If Measure 1 passed, elect a new board of directors
  • Measure 3: Amend SBC bylaws to enable transfers of Silver-Bronze Equity Memberships allowing multiple memberships to be owned by an equity member, with full rights of each equity membership owned.

At the meeting it was noted that the language on the proxy forms provided by Oak Grove differed from the proxy forms provided by The Ballot Box, an elections inspection company hired by SBC’s board.

As a result of the discrepancy, The Ballot Box deemed Oak Grove’s proxy ineligible and there were not enough SBC proxies and attending members to meet quorum. Oak Grove and its attorneys disagree with The Ballot Box’s ruling and contend the proxy ballots should be counted. The meeting adjourned without further decisions.

Per Ken Agid, president of SBC’s board of directors, the board has tentatively set a new Special Elections Meeting date for August 13 at 6:30 p.m. at Coto Valley Club.

Both sides say they expect to go to court this week to determine the validity of the Oak Grove proxies.

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Introducing the Village Working Group

Some folks in the neighborhood have inquired about the Village Working Group.  Allow us to make some introductions.

The working group comprises a small group of residents spread throughout the Village who were willing to get involved and participate in conducting research, communicating with neighbors and attending periodic meetings.  The members share a belief that change is coming to the equestrian center and clubhouse.  They’ve agreed to keep their minds open and focus on fact-gathering on behalf of the Village.  The group contacted the board and asked to be recognized as an official working group and the board agreed. Continue reading

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Village Pool Party Photos!

The Village Pool Party on May 31 was a rousing success.  If you missed it, you can catch up on the action with the photos below.  A very special thanks to Melody Braden for sharing her photography skills and photo collection.

Click on a photo to enlarge it. Continue reading

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