You may have noticed the work in progress on the corner of Via Conejo and Via Ortega. The garden is intended to showcase recommended plants for our Village.

We are reaching out to everyone to give us ideas to name the garden.

Also, we will be selling bricks for $50 each to anyone who wishes to have their name engraved on it to place in the garden.  Details to follow.

Our intention is to install two park benches in the garden.  One bench has already been donated and there will be a commemorative plaque on the bench.  Let us know if you are interested in donating a second bench at this time.

The Village Amenities Committee can be contacted at


Street slurry for Via Conejo has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 24th. This work will include Via Pato/Conejo and Via Ortega/Conejo intersections.

Click here to view an updated map of all remaining work to be performed.

Overnight street parking on Tuesday, May 23rd and Wednesday May 24th is allowed.

Overnight Club parking is allowed from 6 PM Tuesday, May 23rd through 9 AM Thursday, May 25th.

Please remember to return your vehicles to your homes once streets have re-opened as soon as conveniently possible.  Parking in above locations outside of permitted times is subject to towing.

Thank you.


Our current road work seal coating process will take place in the upcoming days. Beginning at 7AM each day on May 17, May 19, and May 31st, streets will be seal coated.

Landlocked residents will need to move their vehicles off their street by 7AM the morning of work commencing and park on nearby streets if they need to get in and out of the community during the application and curing process.  Overnight street parking is allowed on nearby community streets while your street is under repair.

Streets need 24 hours from application to cure. NO street parking AND NO driving of any kind on these streets is allowed.

Please click on the street coating schedule map here (updated to include street names) for more details.


All Village Homeowners,

To clear up any confusion on the Authorization Agreement for Direct Payment (ACH debits) form you should have received or should soon receive from our new property management company, you have two options for the form;

1)  If you wish to setup automatic payment processing for monthly dues assessment now and get a jump on it, feel free to return the form without your Assoc. Acct#. The Crummack Huseby folks will add it for you. MAKE SURE you include an accurate Property Owner Name and Property Address along with remaining form information.

2) Wait until your first billing statement is received, soon after May 22nd. Your account number will be on the statement, at which time the form can be fully completed and returned.

Coto de Caza Community Association