New Parking Policy Trial Period Begins July 1

Many homeowners are doing a great job of keeping Village streets clear by having their guests park off-street and on only one side of the road.  This should make the transition to the new parking policy even easier!

As you saw in the newsletter, the trial period for the new parking policy begins July 1, 2011 and ends August 31, 2011 and applies to ALL Village residents and their renters / guests / vendors.

Keep reading to download the parking permit and map.

The goal of the revised parking rules are to:

1.) establish an easily understood method for controlling street parking,

2.) establish off-street parking locations, and

3.) reduce homeowner and association liability

TRIAL PERIOD New Parking Rules & Regulations  

  • Whenever possible, all residents, guests and service personnel should park in homeowner driveways.
  • If it is not possible to park in a homeowner’s driveway, guests and service personnel should first look to park in designated off-street parking areas (see map).
  • On-street parking in the Village will be by permit only and will follow odd/even year parking process (for 2011, cars will be required to park on the odd-numbered side of the street).
  • All cars parked on the streets of the Village will be required to have a Village “Resident/Resident Guest” Parking Permit clearly displayed on the left side of their dashboard.  The Village Parking Permits will be valid for July – August 2011 ONLY between the hours of 6 a.m. and midnightNo overnight street parking will be permitted.
  • Each Village residence will be issued two Village “Resident/Resident Guest” Parking Permits for their personal use.  Residents (or their renters) must fill in their name and address on all parking permits.  Residents are responsible for communicating and facilitating the Village Parking Policy to their guests.  Residents may make photocopies of their personal Village Parking Permits to give to their visiting guests and service vendors.
  • During Security’s routine drive throughs, they will monitor and track the parking situation and will place a friendly notification on people’s windshields that are in violation of the Village Parking Policy.  Repeat offenders may have their cars towed at the owner’s expense.
Thanks for helping keep Village streets clear and safe! 

6 thoughts on “New Parking Policy Trial Period Begins July 1”

  1. Thanks, Devin. We appreciate your diligence in letting us know. We’ll share this with the parking committee and will discuss it at this week’s board meeting.

  2. Hello again, both via coyote and via perdiz have cars parked in a way that would block a fire truck if one was needed.

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