July Meeting Wrap-Up

A quick wrap-up of action items and news from the July HOA meeting:

  • The street sign project has been approved. Beginning August 6, all of the signs — street signs, stop signs, speed bump signs, etc. — will be painted the same color.  Signs needing repair also will be taken care of as part of this scope of work. 
  • A civil engineer has been selected to perform an inspection of all Village streets and prepare a five-year plan for the HOA.  The board anticipates having the report completed and a scope of work prepared by January so that the board can have the project sent to bidding contractors.  Awarding of a bid is anticipated to occur in April / May. The five-year plan will be used in the budget planning process for the HOA.
  • The board is making progress toward a proactive tree maintenance and tree inventory program.  The board is looking at tagging trees, creating an inventory and developing a tree maintenance trimming schedule based on species. The maintenance program will enable contractors to competitively bid on the project and the board to control costs and realistically budget funds for maintenance, to be proactive instead of reactive and to preserve the assets we have in the community.  An additional benefit includes improved communication with residents as to when trees are being trimmed and the scope of work form year-to-year to eliminate some of the guess-work that exists from time-t0-time.
  • The new house colors were officially approved.  Dunn Edward will be placing the colors on its website for easy access for residents.  Soon residents will be able to pick colors exactly from the approved palette (no deviations)  and receive HOA approval outside of committee meetings to expedite approval.  Stay tuned for more information on this project.

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