Meet the Candidates: Jim Evans (Incumbent)

Village homeowners will elect a new board on Wednesday, October 17 for the 2012-2013 term.  There are six candidates for five positions.  We continue the Meet the Candidates series with Jim Evans.

I often visited Coto De Caza and The Village in the 1970’s as a young boy to ride my brother-in-law’s horses.  From that time I always loved this area.  I moved to The Village with my wife and six children over 12 years ago and have enjoyed the atmosphere and sense of community The Village offers.

In my professional life I am the owner of a commercial real estate financial services consulting firm.  We employ over 250 people and provide advisory services to financial institutions.

As I have served this past year as a member of the board I have gained a clearer view of the community’s needs and challenges.  It is my desire as a board member to continue with the efforts we have initiated this past year and have the opportunity to address some of the ongoing needs of the community.  My continued hope is to establish long term plans and views concerning infrastructure issues The Village faces rather than short term band aid fixes that will cost the residents more money in the long run.

I am a resident of The Village first and a board member second.  I understand I am just another resident who has volunteered to serve our community.  I believe as a member of the board I have the responsibility to be reasonable in my judgments and decision making, thinking of the individual homeowner, while keeping a broad perspective regarding the needs of the community.  I feel it is important as we complete projects and enter into contracts that we do so in a manner that limits our liability and exposure as an association.  I also feel it important to be fiscally responsible to help maintain reasonable association dues while maintaining infrastructure and common areas of The Village to enhance our experience and value as homeowners.

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