How to Fill Out Your Ballot

Every year a number of ballots are thrown out because they are not filled out properly. Below are  step-by-step instructions we hope you find valuable.  Be sure to share this information with your neighbors.

UPDATED to include FAQ

1. Voting Instructions – tear off the bottom of the sheet and set it aside.  Make note of your unit number in the upper right corner. You will need this later.

2. Complete your ballot.  You may cast FIVE (5) votes. The five votes may be cast for one candidate or split among candidates. Use whole numbers, not X’s or check marks.  DO NOT sign your ballot.

3. Insert your ballot into the YELLOW envelope and seal it. DO NOT sign this envelope.

4. Place the yellow envelope into the WHITE envelope and insert the tear-off sheet from the Voting Instructions.  Make sure Merit’s address visible in the window.  Seal the white envelope.

5. Complete the front of the WHITE envelope.  Fill out your name and unit number, which is in the upper right corner of the Voting Instructions sheet. Make sure you SIGN the front — without a signature your ballot will be considered invalid.

  Village Election FAQ

4 thoughts on “How to Fill Out Your Ballot”

  1. Thank you for the instructions. Going forward, however, could you devise a method that does not require having to sign the OUTSIDE of the envelope for a ballot to be counted? In times of rampant identity theft, one is exposed to certain risks by having one’s signature displayed next to name and address for the world to see.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll pass it along to Merit and the independent elections consultant that prepares our election materials.

      1. Looking at this year’s election materials, it appears that Merit and the independent elections consultant weren’t overly concerned about protecting personal information.

      2. Your concern has been passed along to Jeremy at FirstService Residential. You may bring your ballot to the meeting on October 9 instead of mailing it.

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