The Importance of Voting

Most years we struggle to reach quorum for the annual election. Last year — in a rare feat — the Village received enough valid votes for the first ballot to count. Historically, we fall short by 40-50 ballots with about a two dozen ballots declared invalid. Not making it on first ballot costs us money because a second, special meeting has to be convened with the elections inspector.

We need 50 percent plus 1 — or 214 members — to return their ballots in order to conduct the annual election on the first try.  We currently are 53 ballots short of quorum.

As of October 5, we had:
149 complete ballots
12 ballots with no return address. These ballots will be factored into our quorum number but the votes are not counted.
6 ballots returned to sender
20 ballots with off-site (non-Village) addresses
(The elections inspector is the only person with the authority to determine if the ballots with no return address or off-site addresses may have their votes counted.)

Please take a moment to fill out your ballot and return it in the white envelope with your address and signature. Postage is already provided for you. If you need a ballot, contact Jaime Moore at Merit. 

View step-by-step instructions for filling out your ballot

Village business can be conducted on a limited basis only until a new board is seated. Delaying the election a month because we did not receive enough properly executed ballots is frustrating, time consuming and expensive.

Let’s repeat last year’s success! Make it your goal to return your ballot on or before October 17.

Read the Village Election FAQ

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Voting”

  1. Perhaps you could include the links to the candidates’ statements in the email about the importance of voting?


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