Architectural Guidelines Comment Period Ends Soon

The deadline for submitting comments about the proposed new architectural guidelines is Wednesday, April 17. The board will be voting to ratify the guidelines that evening at the HOA meeting and, if passed, the guidelines will go into effect on May 1, 2013.

Homeowners can share their comments at the meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. on the 17th, or submit comments in advance to Bree Douglas at Merit.

The proposed guidelines, mailed to homeowners last month, were overhauled significantly with the intention of simplifying and modernizing them. Among the changes made to the guidelines are:

  • Issues that have evolved (or been resolved through civil code) since the inception of the original guidelines, such as vinyl fencing, solar panels, flags and banners, synthetic turf, invasive plants and the architectural review process itself have been addressed or further refined.
  • The review process and fees have been modified. The community is developed and mature so there is no longer a need for a five-step process in reviewing Applications for Improvements.
  • Site Development Guidelines have been updated to reflect current thoughts regarding the architectural character of the community. Heights, setbacks, lot area coverage and other objective criteria have been added or modified to further reinforce the architectural character. Material finishes and design considerations for both the house and garden have been broken down into greater detail with improved definition of expectations for such things as accessory structures, patio structures, exterior lighting, playground equipment, pools and spas and fireplaces.
  • To reduce the effort needed for gaining approval for painting the exterior of the home, pre-approved color schemes are now available on-line. A section has been added to explain the process.
  • A list of approved and invasive plants and trees has been added to assist the community in understanding the nature of plants and to try and eliminate the plants and trees that do not suit the community context or region.

A copy of the full summary of changes submitted by Jeff Smith, the architect who was hired by the Village to lead this process, can be found here.

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