POLL: Street Markings

With our six-year street plan beginning this month, many of you may be wondering what that means for our speed bumps.  The good news is that our speed bumps will come into compliance with the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) regulations and be fire truck approved.  This change will be done over time per the engineer-created street plan.  The speed bumps will be identified with white chevrons, embedded reflectors and wooden signs that have been part of our community for years.

Since our streets are private we have some discretion over whether or not our community needs ‘bump ahead’ white markings on our streets.  The Board was split on the issue of the markings and would like community input and feedback regarding this issue.  The chevrons will be painted with reflective paint so that when a car’s headlights shine on the speed bump, the stripes will be illuminated.

Do you want “bump ahead” painted on our streets in front of each speed bump? Or, do you prefer to eliminate “bump ahead” markings in front of each speed bump?

Please weigh in via our poll!

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