Meet the Candidates: Jason Vallone

Village homeowners will elect a new board on Wednesday, October 9 for the 2013-2014 term.  There are eight candidates for five positions.  The Meet the Candidates blog entries are posted in alphabetical order. 

Candidate Jason Vallone (Incumbent)

Hello, my name is Jason Vallone and I am seeking re-election to the Village Board of Directors. For the last 2 years, I have served as President, and prior to that, I was Treasurer. In addition, I have served on various committees, both as a community member and officer of the Board: Architectural, Parking, Emergency Management, Streets, and Landscape. I have called the Village home for the past 8 years, along with my wife, 2 young sons and our dog. I love the Village and want to preserve our unique community.

I still believe that the most effective way to govern our association is to run it like a business—fiscal responsibility, create and execute a plan for large projects, create policies to allow the HOA to operate effectively between meetings, follow the rules and treat everyone with dignity and respect. Last year, I set out to accomplish certain goals to make the community a better place and if re-elected, I would like to continue with those goals.

Fiscal Responsibility
We have experienced some challenges over the last year, but I think we were very successful in executing our plans. I worked with the Budget Committee to set a budget that included this year’s projects and continued reserve funding. Unless a project was an unexpected emergency, I continually voted only for pre-budgeted items and deferred those that could wait. In addition, we were able to save some money and return it to the operating budget by partnering with the County and Waste Management to provide the dumpsters for the Spring Cleanup Event. I, like everyone, would like to maintain our low dues, provided that we can accomplish all that is needed.

Hiring Professionals/Specialists & Policy Driven
I believe that utilizing specialists/professionals on our large projects ensures the job is done right the first time, decreases liability and saves the HOA money in the long run. This year we enlisted engineering professionals for our Drainage System Plan and Street Plan. These plans have been created so that future Boards can pick up from last year’s work and hit the ground running, as everything is laid out for successive years. This will ensure that the long-term projects are carried out successfully and that we continue to “do it right the first time.”

These plans are part of a larger goal to create a policy driven board; this will allow the Board to create policies and procedures that management can follow to run our HOA, without having to wait for the monthly meeting. This not only streamlines the process, but makes it transparent to everyone.

I have tried to leverage the Village Blog as much as possible, providing up to date information to the Communications Committee as it becomes available and utilize the newsletter to relate what is, and what will be, affecting the community.

2012-2013 Achievements
Below are some of the highlights.

  • Hired engineers for Traffic Survey and created Street Striping / Marking Plan
  • Created 6 year Street Maintenance Plan, executing Year 1 in September with engineering oversight
  • Created new policies and procedures to allow management to streamline operations
  • Transfer of Lot 424 to the Village
  • Restored & Maintained Trails

2013-2014 Goals
We laid the groundwork for some larger, longer term projects this year. If re-elected, I would like to continue working to further these goals, and more specifically focus on the following projects:

  • Create a Comprehensive Landscape Contract, to include OCFA vegetation management
  • Create a Comprehensive Tree Maintenance Plan
  • Execute the Drainage Maintenance Plan
  • Improve trail safety with maps & trail markers (a joint effort among the Coto HOAs)
  • Revise the CC&R’s to modernize and bring current
  • Improve the budgeting process to further refine and formalize it
  • Continue to transform into a policy driven board
  • Work with both CZ Master and Los Ranchos Estate Boards on common issues

Even though our terms are only 1 year, I don’t think we can be successful by taking a short term view of the issues affecting the Village. This is why I have tireless pushed to create multi-year plans for our largest and most pressing issues, which allows for a seamless transition for new boards. We must adopt a long-term perspective if we are to accomplish these large projects within our limited budget.

By re-electing me to the Board of Directors, you are asking me to serve on a Board of 5, with each member having equal say as to the operation of this community and no one member acting alone. I believe that debate and differing viewpoints are a necessary part of the process; however, once the Board has decided on a topic or direction, then that decision should be supported by all Board members, not just those who voted for it.

The uniqueness of our Village can only continue if our HOA is run like a successful company, respecting our rules and regulations and treating each other with respect. If I am re-elected to the Board, I will continue to do just that.

I encourage you to contact me directly if you have any questions or would like more information.

Phone: (949) 777-6663

Thank you,

Jason Vallone

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