Meet the Candidates: Steven R. Martin

Village homeowners will elect a new board on Wednesday, October 9 for the 2013-2014 term.  There are eight candidates for five positions.  The Meet the Candidates blog entries are posted in alphabetical order. 

Candidate Steven R. Martin

1. Why are you interested in serving as a director and what goals do you want to see accomplished within your term as director?
I would like to be a part of the Board so I can contribute to this great neighborhood and ensure we keep making it a desirable place to live. I would like the Board to continue its forward progress and make the needed improvements that are being implemented to date. The updating of the architectural guidelines, the ongoing street repairs, and the common area landscape upgrades have all been helpful in updating the Village and keeping it relevant while maintaining the integrity of its rural feel. I will always be mindful and conservative in my approach with regard to our HOA annual budget and our homeowner dues. If elected, I will work hard at continuing to balance the improvements and maintenance against our ability to fund them in order to keep the Village a wonderful place for all of us to live. I will uphold and operate within the laws set forth by the Davis Stirling Act.

2. What is your background and experience? Have you served as a committee member or director for a community association? 
While I have no HOA board experience, I have always lived and owned property in a master planned community, and I am very mindful and aware of the benefits of living within such a community. For over 16 years, I have been a business owner and the CFO of C3 Business Solutions — a software implementation company. My background and degree has been in accounting, and I have spent many years managing large multi-million dollar projects to implement new business systems for many large Orange County enterprises (public, private, government). I bring a wealth of experience of efficiently managing people, projects and budgets. I will apply those same skill sets to my position on the board.

3. Are you currently an owner in the association and if so, for how long? 
Yes, I have lived in the Village for 3? years, with my wife and our 3 children.

4. Have you served or are presently serving on any committee(s) for the association? 

5. Other information you would like to provide? 
Not at this time.


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