How to Fill Out Your Ballot

Every year a number of ballots are thrown out because they are not filled out properly, usually due to no signature and / or an illegible address on the white return envelope. Below are  step-by-step instructions we hope you find valuable.  Be sure to share this information with your neighbors.

1. Voting Instructions – tear off the bottom of the sheet and set it aside.

voting instructions

2. Complete your ballot.  You may cast FIVE (5) votes. The five votes may be cast for one candidate or split among candidates. Use whole numbers, not X’s or check marks.  DO NOT sign your ballot.

2013 ballot

3. Insert your ballot into the YELLOW envelope and seal it. DO NOT sign this envelope.

4. Place the yellow envelope into the WHITE envelope and insert the tear-off sheet from the Voting Instructions.  Make sure FirstService Residential’s address is visible in the window.  Seal the white envelope.

return address tear-off portion

5. Complete the front of the WHITE envelope.  CLEARLY PRINT your name and address. Make sure you SIGN the front. If your address is illegible and therefore cannot be matched to the homeowner roster and / or your signature is missing, your ballot will be considered invalid.  

If you are concerned about privacy issues, you may drop off your completed ballot (in the sealed envelope) at the board meeting on the night of the election, or  you may insert the sealed envelope into a larger envelope and mail it to to the management company.

completed envelope

  Village Election FAQ

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