What’s in a Name?

Aguila. Faison. Codorniz. Paloma. Buho.

Ever wonder what the translation is for the Village street names?  Well, thanks to a suggestion by Doug McCormick and Google’s handy translation tool, here’s a breakdown. Hint: think birds and animals.

Avenida la Caza – loosely translates to Hunting Ave.
Aguila – Eagle
Alondra – Lark
Buho – Owl
Codorniz – Quail
Conejo – Rabbit
Coyote – Coyote
Faisan – Pheasant
Gallo – Rooster
Halcon – Falcon
Ortega – Sandgrouse (in the pigeon family)
Oso – Bear
Pajaro – Bird
Paloma – Dove
Pardal – Sparrow
Patito – Duckling
Pato – Duck
Pavo Real – Peacock
Perdiz – Partridge
Venado – Deer

*Please, don’t complain to the blogger for incorrect translations.  She studied French in school.  

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