Village Working Group Established Regarding Coto Valley Club

A Village Working Group has been established to research, track and relay information regarding the status of the Coto Valley Club (CVCC) and any potential redevelopment of the property.

Actions being taken by Silver Bronze Corporation (SBC), which owns and operates the club and equestrian center, indicate that change is imminent to SBC’s property. Additionally, change most likely is coming to the former Merryhill School and the General Store.

The Village Working Group will meet with the interested parties, conduct polls of Village homeowners to learn what we collectively as a neighborhood would like to see happen to SBC’s properties, learn about the proposals under consideration, and understand the Village’s rights with regard to redevelopment of SBC’s properties. The Village Working Group intends to advocate for actions that represent what Village residents want.

Check back frequently to the blog for updates. The working group will be publishing facts as they are learned and aims to stay neutral in its reporting.

One thought on “Village Working Group Established Regarding Coto Valley Club”

  1. The Coto de Caza News commends the Village Homeowners Association for forming a research and information group to track the progress of the proposed takeover of the Silver Bronze Corporation which owns the Equestrian Center. Since the takeover meeting is scheduled for July 2,2014, the time is short for interested parties to mobilize and inform the rest of the community about any action to give homeowner input to the Silver Bronze board and the the rest of Coto de Caza residents.
    The Coto de Caza News has been publishing a story every week about the Equestrian Center and we welcome your working group to provide a story or survey information to be published in the newspaper either as a separate story or in conjunction with our continued weekly stories.

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