Introducing the Village Working Group

Some folks in the neighborhood have inquired about the Village Working Group.  Allow us to make some introductions.

The working group comprises a small group of residents spread throughout the Village who were willing to get involved and participate in conducting research, communicating with neighbors and attending periodic meetings.  The members share a belief that change is coming to the equestrian center and clubhouse.  They’ve agreed to keep their minds open and focus on fact-gathering on behalf of the Village.  The group contacted the board and asked to be recognized as an official working group and the board agreed.

In pulling together the group, we tried to get a cross-section of people with different skills and backgrounds.  The group includes a lawyer; a geologist; an expert in redeveloping mature neighborhoods; experts in commercial real estate, change management and communications; folks who are plugged into mom’s groups and others who are willing to serve as “street captains” and talk to neighbors; and some past board members.

As specialty expertise is needed, we will put out a call for help. Already we’ve heard from a resident who is a civil engineer.

Residents who are Silver Bronze members have been excluded to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

The Village Working Group members are (in alphabetical order):
John Baker
Dawn & Carl Bennett
Tony DiNino
Keven Doherty
Jim Evans
Donnelle & Tony Koselka
Jane Leary
Linda & Lavon Lewis
Cindy Vallone

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