Changes to Gate Access Telephone Policy

At the August Village HOA meeting, a change to the gate access telephone policy was adopted by the board of directions.  The new policy begins September 15.

As a courtesy, Village residents will provide three (3) free calls per month to call in guests. Members making four (4) or more gate-access calls per month will be charged $20.00 for their calls, in increments of 5 calls at a time (see billing schedule below). If payment is not received, members will be subject to a violation hearing and a fine.

All members are encouraged to use the FREE online system to call in guests at

Billing Schedule (Per Month)
On the 4th call:          $20
On the 10th call:         $20
On the 15th call:         $20
On the 20th call:         $20

Members will continue to be billed $20 in 5-call increments.

One thought on “Changes to Gate Access Telephone Policy”

  1. Seems there are better things to spend time on than fine tuning regressive policies. The real troublesome issues include not providing guest passes and not calling us if someone shows up unexpectedly even though we pay for access. Perhaps we should consider everyone in the village giving up our transponders and overburden the gate with hundreds of us waiting in the guest line. Wonder if that would get their attention.

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