SCE Repairs and Power Outages

Southern California Edison will be replacing electric poles along Via Conejo, Avenida la Caza and Via Venado.  Work will begin on Monday, September 22 and continue until October 6.  There will be power outages during this time as power is being transferred to the new poles.

9/22  – Job begins

9/23  – Crane work begins to set (3) poles – no outages

9/24  – Outage on Via Pardal, Via Gallo, Via Oso, tennis Courts and pool.

9/26  – Outage at the condos on Via Conejo and Ave la Caza – Crane set 2 poles

9/30  – Outage on Via Patito, Via Aguila, Via Perdiz, Via Coyote and Via Ortega

10/2  – Outage on Via Alondra

10/6 – Outage at condos and Via Alondra

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