The Estates Reconfirms Monuments, Not Gates

Contrary to the September 19 edition of the Coto de Caza News, Los Ranchos Estates HOA is installing large entry monuments and extensive landscaping — not gates — at both ends of Via Pajaro and on Trigo Trail.

In an email exchange on September 20 between Jason Vallone, the Village board president, and Ken Agid, Los Ranchos Estates’ board president, Agid confirmed that “there are no gates planned.”  He added that the conceptual plans (linked below) are “an early version, but other than exact locations, reasonably depict the concept for the wall monuments” and they “do not include gates.”

Deeds to Village homes include a non-exclusive easement over Via Pajaro to the North Entry Gate. Los Ranchos Estates and CZ Master are well aware of this easement and know that they cannot block Village homeowners’ or their guests’  access to Via Pajaro and the North Entry Gate, despite the speculation and innuendo spread in the Coto de Caza News article.

Pajaro Entry
Trigo Pajaro
Via Pajaro Entry at Plano Trabuco Elevation
Via Pajaro South Entry
Entry Exhibit Materials Board

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