VWG: Evaluating Options for Club Area – Part 2

As you are aware, change is coming to the Coto Valley Club area.  Some members of Silver-Bronze’s board of directors are looking to sell the club property. Likewise, Stonefield Development, which owns the office building and tennis courts adjacent to Coto Valley Club, has expressed interest in redeveloping its property.

Part 2 of the working group’s presentation takes the features and benefits Village residents identified in the survey as important and maps them to various scenarios for SBC’s and Stonefield’s properties.

The Village Working Group’s charter is to gather information on behalf of the Village and share it with the community.  The intention of this evaluation exercise is to get everyone thinking about what could happen to that property and to begin unifying behind a few ideas so that we can use our collective leverage to influence whatever change may come for the good of the Village.

We realize there is a lot of data in the presentation. For those who want a summary, read the presentation.  For those who want to dig in to the data, we have included the Valuation Criteria and Scenarios Excel file, in which you can rank the scenarios yourself.

The Village Working Group will be speaking about all of this at the November 12 Village HOA meeting; we hope to see you there.

Evaluation Presentation – Part 2
Valuation Criteria PDF
Scenarios Excel File


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