VWG: Update on Coto Valley Club Sale

The owners of the Coto Valley Country Club, Silver-Bronze Corporation (SBC), still have the club up for sale.  According to a Silver-Bronze representative, 8 bids have been received: 6 from homebuilders and 2 from senior assisted-living operators. The bidders have been asked to submit “best and final offers.”  

The link below shows the latest conceptual site plan that Silver-Bronze is sharing with interested buyers.  The conceptual plan is a suggestion by SBC enabling bidders to evaluate the purchase.  This site plan is NOT legally binding.

Additionally, the plan shows development on Silver-Bronze property and adjacent property owned by Stonefield Development. Although only the Coto Valley Country Club property is up for sale, Silver-Bronze’s anticipates that Stonefield will want to re-develop its land.

Coto Valley Club Village III Site Plan B 1-9-15

Survey Coming Soon
Out of the January HOA meeting, it was agreed that a survey would be sent to Village homeowners asking what strategy they want to pursue with regard to the club area.  Stay tuned to the blog for more details on the survey.

Informational “Street Meetings”
The Village Working Group is organizing “street meetings” to share information about the Coto Valley Country Club sale with those Village homeowners who have not been able to attend board meetings or who are not up-to-date with the issue.  Watch your mailbox for an invitation.

3 thoughts on “VWG: Update on Coto Valley Club Sale”

  1. As I’ve said before the developer wants to make this an either/or choice between building some homes on a portion of the Equestrian Center or building an assisted living center that already has been shouted down by the community. This should not be an either/or discussion. They should find a compatible recreational/commercial use for the Merryhill School property that will benefit and enhance the Equestrian Center rather than detract from its long term viability.

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