VWG: New Information on CVCC Sale

The Village Working Group has learned that an operator of an event planning company, with whom the VWG has been in contact, plans to submit by the end of the week a bid to purchase the Coto Valley Country Club from Silver-Bronze.

The operator states his vision as “building a family friendly sports facility with banquet rooms available for special occasions.” He acknowledges the clubhouse would need a “complete remodel” and will require bringing the building up to current codes. As such, he said he intends to make a significant investment in the facility.  He also said his vision is to “bring life back to this venue so rich in history of the development of Coto de Caza.”

The operator operates the Dove Canyon Courtyard where he hosts weddings, birthdays and celebratory events. For more information about the operator, visit his business sites at Dove Canyon Courtyard and All Star Events.

Silver-Bronze’s board is expected to meet next week to review bids. The VWG does not know if Silver-Bronze will accept a late bid from this operator. As the Village Working Group learns more information it will update the blog.

 Updated: According to an email from the operator, Kenney Paul, he did submit a bid to SBC at the end of last week.

3 thoughts on “VWG: New Information on CVCC Sale”

  1. I am the owner of Dove Canyon Courtyard and would like to address past noise concerns. When we first opened, there were some complaints. We addressed those concerns by installing sound panels around the dance floor, and hiring an in-house DJ. Since then, we have successfully past over 40 different sound studies performed by code enforcement and professional sound engineers. That is why the RSM City Council voted unanimously to give us our business permits. We showed we could operate well below the legal allowable sound level permitted by law. The sound studies showed the crickets were louder than the guests and music coming from The Courtyard. Remember, Dove Canyon Courtyard is an OUTDOOR Wedding Venue. Coto Valley Country Club is primarily INDOORS. Since we were given our permits 4 years ago, there has only been one complaint to the city about noise. We have a cell number that has been given to the neighbors that they can call anytime with concerns. If my offer is accepted by Silver – Bronze Corp, I plan on being a responsible owner and operate the club in a manner that the village neighborhood will embrace.

    Kenney Paul
    email: info@DovecanyonCourtyard.com

  2. completely my opinion…
    Previous to moving to the Village over 4 years ago we lived in Rancho Cielo, just outside the back gate for 20 years. In the last years of our time there many of the homeowners fought with Kenney Paul and his Dove Canyon Courtyard business regarding the noise that it caused, including myself. Many of the residents could not enjoy their own backyards due to the constant weekend weddings that were all held in the outdoor courtyard. Even after the music stopped dishes, deconstruction of the party, cars and voices kept neighbors up in Rancho Cielo, and Dove Canyon. Many RSM City Council meetings were heated with angry neighbors. All the other restaurant businesses (Friends, San Giovani’s) in the Dove Canyon Center comply with noise abatement policies and are required to keep their doors closed if there was music playing inside. The Dove Canyon Courtyard however did what they wanted and to my knowledge opened that business without disclosing the nature of the business to be done there. I believe they were required to install some glass to help with the noise. I have more to add to this opinion but will not voice it in this blog. Since they have not submitted an offer at this time it may be a mute point, but we moved to the Village for many reasons, one of which is the quiet and if we are forced to listen to “We are Family” and “YMCA” blasting every weekend at the club from a business that doesn’t care what its neighbors think I will be very disappointed.

    1. I also heard that there were noise issues with the Dove Canyon Courtyard; however, 30+ homes would also generate a substantial amount of noise. I believe it would be much easier to work with one entity regarding noise and traffic as opposed to 30+ individual families. So given at both outcomes have a high likelihood of producing more noise and traffic that we currently experience, which alternative would be easier to deal with.

      On another note, the Village CC&Rs have no noise abatement provision except for the requirement for mufflers on motor vehicles. Perhaps the CC&Rs should be amended to include a noise abatement feature that the Board could then enforce. I’m sure FirstService could provide examples of such restrictions.

      Keep in mind the CC&Rs give the Board the authority to enforce compliance. Unfortunately Dove Canyon Courtyard is not part of the Dove Canyon or Rancho Cielo HOAs, so all that the homeowners could do is complain to the RSM city council. If Kenney Paul relocates to the Village, he will be subject to our CC&Rs.

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