7 thoughts on “Silver-Bronze Sells CVCC to AllStar Events”

  1. This is great news! We had our wedding there almost two years ago. It was such a beautiful location. We actually chose it over the Dove Canyon Courtyard because of the size, outdoor ceremony location, and the great fireplace inside. In the right hands, that place should flourish.

  2. And another win for the GOOD GUYS! Well done Coto Crew! This is what happens when people pull together in order to protect their rights and stand up to those that attempt to thwart the system without care or regard to the current homeowners through payoffs, threats or any other dubious means. Yes, well done indeed!

  3. This is the right thing for the Village. I do look forward to the renovation and especially the ice cream! Congratulations Kenny and welcome. We will be supporting your efforts.

  4. This is really great news! It’s wonderful to have this community pool together and have their voices heard 🙂

  5. Good job Coto Village. Now let’s support Kenney and the club and help return it to it’s heyday and splendor. Use it or lose it…again!

  6. Great 🙂 Now if we could just get those condo’s on Via Conejo to look better and stop putting swamp coolers and fans in their windows 😦 Any thoughts?

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