Meet the Candidates: Jason Vallone

Village homeowners will elect a new board on Wednesday, October 14 for the 2015-2016 term.  There are 12 candidates for five positions.  Each candidate’s statement has been posted to the blog in alphabetical order by last name.  

Here is Jason Vallone’s Candidate Statement:

Hello, my name is Jason Vallone and I am seeking re-election to the Village Board of Directors. For the past 4 years, I have served as President, and prior to that, I was Treasurer. In addition, I have served on various committees, both as a community member and officer of the Board: Architectural, Parking, Emergency Management, Streets, and Landscape. I have called the Village home for the past 10 years, along with my wife, 2 young sons and our dog. I love the Village and want to preserve our unique community. 

It has been a year full of challenges and change, with this coming year being very significant with the changes to our community. If re-elected I would like to continue our out-reach to the owners of the Coto Valley Country Club, Silver-Bronze Corporation, Coto Office Complex and the General Store to foster a proactive working relationship and to ensure a positive outcome for not only the The Village, but Coto de Caza as a whole.

I still believe that the most effective way to govern our association is to run it like a business—fiscal responsibility, create and execute a plan for large projects, create policies to allow the HOA to operate effectively between meetings, follow the rules and treat everyone with dignity and respect. Last year, I set out to accomplish certain goals to make the community a better place and if re-elected, I would like to continue with those goals.

2014-2015 Board Achievements Highlights

  • Created and maintained a balanced budget and properly funded the Reserve “rainy day” Fund
  • Started the Ortega Drain project (awaiting county approval to start work)
  • Resurfaced Ortega Parking lot (should be done by the election)
  • Improved the budgeting process
  • Fostered sense of community – Social committee events
  • Created Lot 424 committee to investigate options for the area next to the Youth Park

2015-2016 Goals

As a Board, we laid the groundwork for some larger, longer term projects. If re-elected, I would like to continue working to further these goals, and more specifically, focus on the following projects:

  • Work to protect our Village assets, so that our property values continue to rise
  • Revise the CC&R’s to modernize and bring current (already approved, but expect this to take time)
  • Update the Architectural Guidelines to suit the needs of the community and due to lessons learned
  • Improve trail safety with maps & trail markers
  • Continue the transformation the HOA into a policy driven board
  • Continue to work with both CZ Master and Los Ranchos Estate Boards on common issues

Since our terms are only 1 year, we can be successful only by taking a long term view of the main issues affecting the Village. This is why I have pushed to create multi-year plans for our largest and most pressing issues (Streets, Landscape, etc.), which allows for a seamless transition for new boards. We must adopt a long-term perspective if we are to accomplish these large projects within our limited budget.

As an elected member of the Board, I understand that I am serving with 4 other elected members; each member having equal say as to the operation of this community and no one member acting alone. I believe that debate and differing viewpoints are a necessary part of the process; however, once the Board has decided on a topic or direction, that decision must supported by all Board members, not just those who voted for it.

The uniqueness of our Village can only continue if our HOA is run like a successful company, respecting our rules and regulations and treating each other with respect. If I am re-elected to the Board, I will continue to do just that. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you.

Phone: (949) 777-6663



Jason Vallone’s Candidacy Statement (PDF)

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