Meet the Candidates: Jordan Wiens

Village homeowners will elect a new board on Wednesday, October 14 for the 2015-2016 term.  There are 12 candidates for five positions.  Each candidate’s statement has been posted to the blog in alphabetical order by last name.  

Here is Jordan Wiens’ Candidate Statement:

1. Why are you interested in serving on the board and what are your goals?

My goals are as follows:

  1. Preservation: Maintain the sanctuary that is The Village. This means I will take any necessary action to ensure our community retains its safety for our families, beauty of our neighborhoods, friendliness/openness of our citizens, fairness of governance, and the protection of our environment.
  2. Communication: The Board has done an excellent job of establishing a technological base for community notifications, blog postings, and events. I intend to continue enhancing the communications as a way of guaranteeing that Village citizens are fully apprised on relevant events, as well as open more avenues for community involvement.
  3. Environmental: The drought in California is changing the way we all live our lives. I intend to be on the forefront of local and nationwide changes, and proposing ways in which the Village can take responsible action, doing so with dedication to preserving the habitat and beauty we all have come to appreciate in our community.
  4. Reward vs. Penalty: I would like to take steps to shift the culture of notifications toward one of that positively encourage community members. One example would be rather than exclusively receiving courtesy notices of a resident’s “necessary corrections” in accordance with community rules, I would like to institute “Plaudit Notices” where residents receive accolades for the efforts they have put into enhancing the community, their home, yard, or other areas warranted.

I am interested in serving because I have always been an active member in the community in which I have lived and worked. I enjoy interaction with people, appreciate organization, and have a knack for facilitation and community involvement.

2. Background/Experience:

City Commissioner Experience

  • Torrance CA Commissioner Trained and certified in 2014
  • Moved to Coto De Caza before I was appointed

Board Experience:

  • International Society of Automation ( (LA Chapter): Events and Communications Chair. LA membership base was over 400 members. I coordinated all chapter events, implemented an online reservation system, and voted on key matters related to membership
  • Colorado School of Mines: Student Body President With an annual budget of ~$500k we were responsible for all student activities, governance, and honor code enforcement.

HOA Experience:

  • None

Executive Experience:

  • Co-Founder I President of Xenon Inc. ( Irvine, CA) Xenon is an engineering firm servicing clients in the Oil and Gas Industry. I oversee and manage operations of the company. Company was started in 2007.


  • Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering Colorado School of Mines
  • Master of Business Administration: University of Southern California

3. Are you an owner in the association? How long?

My wife, Sara, and I moved to the village in April 2015. We intend to stay for quite some time.

4. Are you in any committees?

I have volunteered for committees, but my requests have not yet been contacted to fill openings.

5. Other information:

Consistent, innovative, and level headed leadership is required for the Board. I believe I will fit well on the Board and be an asset to the community.

Jordan Wiens Candidacy Statement (PDF)

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