Meet the Candidates: Mike Walker

Village homeowners will elect a new board on Wednesday, October 14 for the 2015-2016 term.  There are 12 candidates for five positions.  Each candidate’s statement has been posted to the blog in alphabetical order by last name.  

Here is Michael A Walker’s Candidate Statement:

1. Why you are interested in serving as a director and what goals do you want to see accomplished within your term as director?

The Fiduciary responsibility of each HOA Director imposes obligations of trust and confidence of every community member within our Association. This Fiduciary relationship of each HOA Director also imposes obligations to act in good faith and in the best interest of our Association. Operating a Homeowners Association also carries with it the very same Duties and Responsibilities to preserve and protect our Community. 

* Listed below are my goals I would promote and support should I be elected to serve on our HOA Board:

  1. Publish our HOA Governing Documents.
  2. List on our Association Web-Site the link to the Davis-Stirling Act (California Statutes) that governs all California HOA Associations.
  3. Establish sound fiscal policies (review the past and current HOA spending).
  4. Review of our current Architectural fees (lowest possible fees).
  5. Limit (other than required by law) items discussed in Executive Session meetings.
  6. Increase (other than restricted by law) items to discuss in Open Session meetings.
  7. Review our CC&R’s (Governing Documents) to increase protections to preserve and protect our Association.

2. What is your background experience?

I served on our HOA Board for 2 1/2 years starting in 2007, during that time I held several positions ending with the position of Vice President. Prior to moving into the Village my family and I lived in the South Bay, Manhattan Beach, for over 27 years. In 1970, with family, we opened Walker Investigations and enjoyed this business for over 30 years. I also served my Community as a Reserve Police Officer for several of those years. After my wife and I moved to Orange County we volunteered to serve as Directors for the Children’s Bureau helping raise funds for abused children. I have been a member of the Orange County Association of Realtors since 2004, and I have served on several Committees during that time. Today I am one of the Directors serving on the Local Political Action Committee. In addition I also serve as the Committee Chair for the Local Government Relations South.

3. Are you currently an owner of the association?

Yes, I have been a homeowner since 2005.

4. Have you served or are presently serving in any committee?

I served the Coto De Caza Community Association as a HOA Board Member for over 2 1/2 years starting in 2007.

5. Any information you would like to provide.

There is no Greater Trust that one can give than to elect a representative to represent you as an HOA Director. 

  • The Duty of Care: To meet the duty of care, an HOA Board member must make informed decisions, which can require important research before taking any action or vote.
  • The Duty of Loyalty: The duty of loyalty requires that an HOA Board member act fairly, in good faith, and in the interest of the HOA.
  • The Duty to Act within the Scope of Authority: This duty requires the HOA Board carry out its duties as obligated and spelled out by, within the boundaries of, the Association Governing Documents and State of California.

Mike Walker Candidacy Statement (PDF)



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