IMPORTANT NOTICE to all Village Homeowners

Please be advised to watch your mailbox for an Important Letter from the Board of Directors.  You will be receiving both a Letter and an Option sheet (encroachment choice) regarding the HOA property beyond your property line, commonly referred to as the “Encroachment area” in describing up to 50′ of the HOA common space.

Due to the many new homeowners that purchased in the Village in the last few years, questions regarding the potential use of HOA property are being addressed in both a letter and a choice of Encroachment Options.   The fact that the Village has developed over the course of 40 years one lot at a time, means many individual scenarios have complicated what is a simple fact:  homeowners only own what they pay property taxes on, namely their personal lot.  Everything else is under the auspices of the HOA and a responsibility we all share in jointly as members.

Our beautiful Open Space is one of the great treasures of the Village community and something unique and precious to all homeowners.  Maintenance of this area is paramount due to mandates imposed by State and County authorities that fiscally impact HOA reserves.  Costs to remove diseased and drought affected trees planted by homeowners over the past decades in green belt or open space areas and not on private property are paid for by all of us through HOA dues assessments.   It is imperative that financial responsibility for the maintenance of homeowner encroachments onto Association property becomes clearly delineated.

The second page of the letter you will receive is a list of the three (3) Options that are available with specific reference to the “Encroachment” area use.  PLEASE NOTE: the Option page is required to be completed by all homeowners that have not previously signed and recorded at the County a fully executed Encroachment Agreement and returned a copy of said document to Management. 

Thank you for your cooperation and prompt response.


Coto de Caza Homeowners Association Board of Directors

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