Dear Village Homeowner,

Reminded by nightly sounds and daytime sightings, it’s a fact of life that coyotes are living among us. One of our streets has their namesake. We need no reminder that this is their native habitat.  While they usually keep their distance, what happened last evening in our community should make us all pause and take note;

As the sun sets, imagine your family dog hanging out near you, at one of his favorite spots, in a somewhat protected side yard right between your and your neighbor’s homes. One second he is frolicking and then the next, out of nowhere a coyote has his jaws locked tightly onto your pet’s hindquarters. This predator showed little fear as the homeowner witnessed it firsthand.

Fortunately this story has a happy ending, thanks to a visit or two to the neighborhood veterinarian.  The homeowner sufficiently startled the stealth coyote, as he elected to suspend his grasp on Rover and exit stage left.

This time.

As his natural food sources change and evolve, the coyote is a survivor. His cold, bold self-assurance cannot be understated. We all need to be hyper aware at ALL times as to the whereabouts of our small children and pets anytime outside.

This could have easily happened ANYWHERE in our community.

Next time the story may not end so well.  Stay vigilant!

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