The Village HOA and the Coto Moms Club are looking forward to recreating the 4th of July Parade once again where it originally began, in the heart of the Village! Come join in the celebration along the Parade route commencing at the corner of Via Pato and ending at the Coto Valley Country Club. The Parade officially starts at 9:30AM but you’ll want to get to the route sooner for a good viewing spot.


July 3rd overnight parking will be allowed along the Via Ortega shoulder. See  the Temporary Overflow Parking Location Map below.

The Parade will start at 9:30AM, at the end of Via Pato, heading North down Avenida la Caza along the condominium complexes, and winding along Via Venado to the main entrance to CVCC, the final destination.

Entry to the Village at the intersection of Via Pajaro and Via Conejo up to Via Ortega will be controlled by Allied Universal Security Service from 8:00AM until 10:30AM and will be closed to all but Village residents. Most Village residents will have full access in and out of the community for the duration of the Parade using Via Ortega. Residents of Via Pardal, Via Gallo and Via Oso who need access in or out during the duration of the Parade, please plan accordingly as those streets will be blocked off for the Parade from 9:00AM until 10:30AM. As mentioned, the overflow parking lot has been expanded to include the Via Ortega shoulder in part to accommodate this inconvenience.

Entry to the Village at the intersection of Via Pajaro and Via Venado will be controlled by Allied Universal Security Service from 8:00AM until 10:30AM. Village residents will have ingress and egress to the community until 9:00AM.

The road will be blocked off for all but emergency vehicles for approximately 1½ hours. Full access will be restored once the end of Parade reaches CVCC at 10:30AM.

In the event of an emergency, First Responders (i.e. Fire Department, Sheriff, etc.) will naturally be given immediate access as always.

The Coto Moms Club has willingly complied with all Village HOA requirements for Liability Insurance, trash cans, clean-up, directional signage and sponsorships and has worked diligently to provide a fun-filled family event!

No Parking signs will be placed throughout the”ODD” sides of our streets. Additional No Parking signs are available at the bulletin board located at the corner of Via Coyote / Via Ortega. Look for the Red Brochure box. There is a PDF link below also.

Please note that there is no standing or sitting allowed in planted areas! Keep our Village landscaping in great condition and avoid crushing or breaking the foliage!

For information regarding after-Parade activities, please contact CVCC for details.

Click here for the PARADE MAP

Click here for a Parade NO PARKING sign




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