Village Finances

We have been able to hold our dues at $84 per month for four years.  Due to the damage from the December rains, which totaled about $185,000, and increases in prices in our costs, we need to do a mid-year budget adjustment.  The board looked at numerous scenarios for raising funds to rebuild our reserves and to cover our month-to-month expenses while still keeping dues affordable.

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Conejo Update – Almost Done!

The repair to the Via Conejo culvert is almost done!  We anticipate opening the road again on April 15.

The concrete is curing and we have to add some rocks to the culvert to appease the county.  Those items plus some clean-up work is all that’s left to do.  When the detour signs come down and the k-rails are removed, you’ll know it’s ok to exit and enter through Via Conejo.

Thank you, as always, for your continued patience.  We will post an update here on the blog with the official date of the road opening.

Conejo Update: Contract Awarded

The board has accepted a bid from Newport Harbor Construction to repair the drainage pipe and bridge repair at Via Conejo as well as desilt the drains at Via Pavo Real, Avenida la Caza and Via Ortega. Repairing the pipe and bridge should take about 2 weeks.

Our repairs will begin as soon as we receive the go-ahead from The Gas Company.  The Gas Company is in the process of re-routing its gas line from Conejo to Via Venado near Coto Valley Club.  The Gas Company anticipates it will complete its work in early March.

Thanks for your continued patience!